One PayPal Phishing attack you should be aware of

Dear PayPal users, please be aware of the PayPal Phishing scam which claims that an policy and legal agreement update has been performed and that you need to verify that you agree to the new terms.

The scam comes in the form of a email and it is loaded with 3 malicious links. The first malicious link is the Policy Updates link which will lead the victim to an malicious website which is loaded with an phishing scheme.

The other malicious link is the “Click Here” link which also leads the victim to an external malicious environment, and the third one is the “Confirm Account” button, which performs the same activities once clicked.

You can identify the malicious PayPal phishing attack by the words which are used in the email. The sample of the malicious PayPal phishing attack can be seen below. Use it to identify the PayPal phishing attack.

PayPal Phishing Attack

We wanted to inform you…

We’re making some changes to the Legal Agreements PayPal and wish to inform you.

We’re making some changes to the Legal Agreements PayPal, documents that govern our relationship with you. You can see the dictate the details of the changes in the page Policy Updates, which can also be accessed on Click Here by clicking “Legal agreements” in the lower part of the page, then “Policy Updates”.

What should you do?

Visit our Policy Updates to make sure you are together with the changes. If you are satisfied, you do not have to do anything. If you do not want accept the changes, follow the procedure described on page Policy Updates.

Confirm account

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