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Oil Tanker Hijacked in Singapore

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A Thai oil tanker is probably hijacked in route from Singapore to Indonesia. There has been more no contact with ship since Tuesday, the Orapin 4 was scheduled to arrive Thursday in the Indonesian port city of Pontianak in Kalimantan.

The ship, the Orapin 4 is a 40,000 Ton oil tanker carries diesel, build in 1983. There are 14 crew members on board. The Thai owner lost contact Tuesday not long after oli tanker leaving Singapore, the Piracy Reporting Centre of the International Maritime Bureau in Kuala Lumpur reported and shows on its live map .

The tanker would be the second largest ship in recent months has been hijacked.Security experts warned last year that the lack in AIS authentication and communication protocol may allow pirates, terrorists and cyber criminals to distort the information sent to the vessel, or by specifying an incorrect location of the ships.

hijacked ship map

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