Why Obama will lose the cyberwar with North Korea

And again Obama makes the first threat for a cyberwar

Unbelievable, when will the United States stop making threats. This time it is the United States which has claimed that they might retaliate over the Sony hacking case. In just a couple of days, the North Koreans responded to the threat by claiming that they will wage full cyberwar on the United States if the United States will retaliate.

It is just like we are watching a movie, some party hacks a company, then blames it on the other and the blamed ones get attacked and threatened. w00t, mission accomplished.

Is it weird to expect a counter attack by the North Koreans if they are under attack by a foreign country? No it is not. Stay real. If the North Koreans would have attacked United States assets it would NOT have been the Sony company. The North Koreans are able to perform espionage over the internet, why would they stumble on a poorly secured company like Sony?!

In Sunday’s statement, the National Defense Commission said it had “clear evidence” that the U.S. government was involved in the making of the film, with the intention of undermining Kim’s regime. It’s not clear what evidence, if any, exists to support that claim.

The commission praised the hackers for their “righteous action,” but added that the hackers acted independently of the regime.

Now, let’s take a close look at what a cyberwar with North Korea would look like

In both countries

  • Digital assets will be destroyed
  • Physhical assets which are connected to the internet will be manipulated
  • Hacktivists will initaite DDoS attacks and defacements
  • Companies will suffer financial loss over defaced domains and eCommerce environments
  • “New” types of remote access Trojans will be deployed

North Korea

Will not lose the cyberwar in their own country, because they are always victorious – thats how they make it look.

United States

The people in the United States have had enough wars and they are not prepared for an cyberwar which will also hit the citizens of the United States.

But, hey that are just my thoughts.

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