The NSA, SOMALGET and the Bahama backdoors

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Without the knowledge of the Bahamian government, the NSA installed a top-secret system named SOMALGET.

The knowledge on the SOMALGET systems in the Bahamas was acquired after Edward Snowden leaked multiple top-secret documents.

The SOMALGET system allows the NSA to covertly store and record the full-take audio of every mobile call made to, from and within the Bahamas. The information is then stored for up to a month.


So what is SOMALGET exactly

The website explained in full detail what the SOMALGET application exactly is. They explained that SOMALGET is just a tool which can be found in the NSA MYSTIC program.

SOMALGET is part of a broader NSA program called MYSTIC, which The Intercept has learned is being used to secretly monitor the telecommunications systems of the Bahamas and several other countries, including Mexico, the Philippines, and Kenya. But while MYSTIC scrapes mobile networks for so-called “metadata” – information that reveals the time, source, and destination of calls – SOMALGET is a cutting-edge tool that enables the NSA to vacuum up and store the actual content of every conversation in an entire country.

In March, The Washington Post revealed that the NSA had developed the capability to record and store an entire nation’s phone traffic for 30 days. The Post reported that the  capacity was a feature of MYSTIC, which it described as a “voice interception program” that is fully operational in one country and proposed for activation in six others. (The Post also referred to NSA documents suggesting that MYSTIC was pulling metadata in some of those countries.) Citing government requests, the paper declined to name any of those countries.

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