NSA hack: The moment NSA lost cyber weapons, zero-days and a whole cyberwar arsenal

The NSA is under daily pressure by hackers – and there are dozens of hackers that claim to have hacked into the network of the NSA, but there are only a few that have actually proofed their hack.

People like Edward Snowden, Chelsea Elizabeth Manning and Julian Assange can be considered as a direct threat to the NSA, but advanced persistent threat groups like the Shadow Broker group are a much bigger concern for the NSA. The advanced persistent threat actors are often after intellectual property and financial gain, and to make it worse, these advanced persistent threat actors can work for criminal agencies or government identities – making it very likely that they will receive all the finances and equipment to perform their attack.

Now the most people are aware of the acts that have been performed by Edward Snowden, Chelsea E. Manning or Julian Assange, but the actions that have been performed by the Shadow Broker group will show you the full damage a successful hack can have when it comes to intellectual property and espionage.

Hack on the NSA

The Equation group is a special unit at the NSA, security companies like Kaspersky state that the Equation Group can be considered as one of the well-armed cyber-attack groups that are currently present. Knowing that the Equation Group is one of the well-armed cyber-attack units makes them very interesting for foreign or criminal groups.

Now there is one group that calls themselves ‘Shadow Broker’ that claims that they have hacked the NSA Equation group unit, they support their claim with pictures of the stolen data.

The data that they have stolen from the NSA, contain instructions on how to use specific cyber weapons and much more. Now if we take a look at what types of attacks have been performed by the Equation group, there will be plenty of reasons to worry about the complete arsenal that has become public for anyone with the right amount of money. The NSA Equation group has been linked to devastating pieces of malware like Stuxnet and Flame.

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