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NSA Cyber Attack Platform

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Documents leaked by whistleblower Edward Snowden and published by German magazine on January 17 2015, reveals more sophisticated cyber weapons which is active near 10 years and have been used by “Five Eyes” group against targets at least more than fourteen countries.

Russian Kaspersky Lab have obtain and analyzed copy of the software codenamed “QWERTY” which made the headlines since November 2014 from leaked Snowden documents and published by Der Spiegel , and finds out that part of QWERTY have identical source code of Regin cyber attack platform .

NSA IS Preparing For Future Cyber War

Qwerty is a malware keylogger plugin which intercept and record all keystrokes, according the Kaspersky Lab researchers earlier Regin cyber attack platform used and have been infected and target the GSM networks ,Telecom operators and is able to facilitating other types of attacks.regin

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