NSA had access to computers in North Korea since 2010

The United States had their hands in North Korean computer networks for at least 5 years. Der Spiegel and the New York Times have published reports which clearly state that the United States had infiltrated the North Korean computer networks.

The New York times report stated that the spyware which was active on the NK networks had send an alert about a possible threat to the United States.

DR Steven Murdoch from the University College of London made the following comments on the North Korean and USA cyberwar.

  • “I’m almost certain they were doing it long before 2010,”
  • “North Korea has been a target for the US for quite some time.”
  • If the NSA had been aware of the hack before it had happened, it may have chosen not to warn Sony for its own security reasons.
  • “One possibility is that they didn’t know how damaging the attack was going to be, and didn’t want to risk revealing their sources by mentioning it to Sony,”
  • “Or maybe they did know [how harmful it was] but it wasn’t that damaging by intelligence community priorities – this was very damaging to Sony but in terms of national security it’s not as significant.”


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