Not Following These 9 Tips, Your PC is at Risk!

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People are constantly harming their own computer!

I know that some computer problems are due to hardware failures, in the same way as the fridge or washing machine may fail due to age, excessive use, or perhaps due to a factory fault. While there are things that you can recognize and even help in preventing these kinds of problems.

But the truth is that almost every other problem, which causes you to become yourself, mostly because of ignorance, which we can solve for you.

However, sometimes, the collapsing becomes your enemy. You should do the work of maintenance of your computer from time to time, but you turn it off because you do not have time, or you tell yourself that you will back up your data in the next week instead.

Even though you unwittingly delay, there are 9 tips below which will remind you of some of the most important things that you can do.

Stop messing up your computer!

1.You are not updating your antivirus software

Another “good” way to spoil your computer is to avoid updating the antivirus software that you have taken the time to install or purchase. Highly sinister malware operators are making new virus every day, changing their way of working, and find new ways to avoid antivirus software. In response, antivirus software has to respond simply quickly. Almost all antivirus programs show pop-up messages about updates, unfortunately, I’ve seen people lock them all the time … without reading them! A message that shows repeatedly that it should be updated which is important.

So, to fight bad guys, stop spoiling your computer’s ability and make sure your antivirus program has been updated! Just open the program and click the update button.

2. You are not constantly backing up

There is a great way to spoil your computer, delay it, there is some way to back up which is not continuous. Yes, you should continuously back up your data, as almost nonstop … at all times … at least times in the day or even more important, then per hour. It seems highly, but this is true. Although you can use traditional backup software to continuously backup on external hard drives or network drives, but using online backup service you can continuously backup your valuable data, which is secure at many levels.

So, stop spoiling your computer and start backing up continuously! Most smart phones have built-in auto-backup capabilities, so make sure to turn them on!

3. You are not using a strong password

We all use passwords.  Most of the devices and services we use require that we do so. Hopefully you know that the password in which your name, simple words, 1234, etc. are all “bad” passwords, this kind of passwords is called a weak password. Weak password is easy to “crack” with special software. Very weak passwords are easy to guess. Make yourself a better one and make your password as hard as possible.

You can also use a password manager for this, if you want to remember, just need a single, strong password. There are so many free password manager apps, programs and web services.

4. You are still using Windows XP

Windows XP was probably the most successful product of Microsoft, it is most successful and popular operating system. Unfortunately, in April of 2014, Microsoft ended all support for it, which means that the important security patches that are made every month on Tuesday are not being applied for Windows XP!

If you are still using Windows XP, then your computer is still unsafe for all security issues, since May 2014, versions have been found in Windows and have been corrected!

5. You are downloading the wrong stuff

As you probably know, there are thousands, probably more, completely free software programs and apps on the Internet. But what you do not know is that there are different levels of free software. Some are completely free, often called freeware, while others are only “free”, such as the trialware program and shareware programs.

Some sites cheat you by advertising that the download is free when they are actually telling the only thing that the actual download process is free.

6. You have installed a lot of junk … and maybe running!

One of the easiest ways to spoil your computer is to stay with junk software already installed on your computer or to install new junk, the worst of which are typed, which are run all the time in the background. There is also a big part of the blame for your computer manufacturer.

For this reason that some companies can sell their computers at such a low cost, by taking money from software manufacturers, they already keep the trial version of their programs installed on your brand new computer. Such programs not only ruin your memory space, but are always run in some backgrounds and slow your PC using the resources much more. 

7. You are not Defragging on a regular basis

Defragment should or should not … Usually there is no question. Although it is true that if you have a solid state hard drive, you do not need to defrag, defragging traditional hard drives is a must. Fragmentation is naturally because your computer’s hard drive writes data everywhere. After a few bits are stored there, it becomes difficult to read that data later, causing your computer to slow down.

No, if you do not ever defrag, your computer will not crash or explode, but regularly doing it can certainly make every aspect of your computer’s usage, especially non-internet related tasks, very fast. Windows has a built-in defragmentation tool, but you also try using a third-party app.

8. You are not physically cleaning your PC

Not to clean your computer properly, however, especially to a desktop computer, there is often an undiscovered maintenance task which can eventually severely degrade your computer.

This may happen that:

1) Many fans attached to your computer collects dust and other frozen dirt, 2) When the dirt and frozen soil is formed then the speed of the fan becomes slow, 3) The computer parts usually cooled by the fan started to warm up, 4) your computer crashes, often permanently.

In other words, a dirty computer is a hot computer, and hot computers fail. It’s easy to clean the computer fan. Just buy a can of compressed air and use it to clean the dust from any fan in your computer.

9. When you need it, you do not take help

The last, but definitely not less than anyone, and is related to a very big final screw, which you have just read, when you need it, you do not ask for help. This is probably the biggest reason for spoiling the computer!

Ask an expert/technical person in case you face any problem with your computer/laptop etc, do not try to solve yourself if you do not know the exact problem and solution.

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