Not everyone on social media is equally reliable

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Last week, several arrests were made in a large bank help desk fraud case. A suspect has used her social network to recruit money mules for this type of scam. And that is very punishable. So always think carefully and don’t trust everything you see.

Social media is widely used, including by the police. Often influencers are followed, people with a large social network who you do not know personally, but who share beautiful photos and videos of holidays, dinners and the latest products.

But can you believe everything you see on social media? Is everything as reliable as it seems? Unfortunately, not everyone can be trusted. Not in the real world and not in the digital world either.

In the bank help desk fraud case, led by the Zeeland-West Brabant unit, an investigation has shown that such an influencer is involved in the criminal network. Young people were recruited as money mule by means of advertisements on social media. The message stated that people could quickly earn money legally by lending out their debit card. And that is not correct. You should never lend your debit card. As beautiful as the talk may be, but don’t fall for it. Before you know it, you are committing a criminal offense.

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