No More Mobile Phones in Classrooms in The Netherlands from 2024

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Hello, cyber warriors! We’re taking a slight detour from our usual cybersecurity deep-dives to look at an interesting development in the Netherlands‘ education sector. Starting January 1, 2024, mobile phones will no longer be permitted in classrooms.

The New Policy

This agreement is a result of discussions between Education Minister Dijkgraaf and various educational and parental bodies. The new rule allows mobile phones only when they are integral to the lesson, such as for digital skills training.

Schools’ Autonomy

The rules won’t be a one-size-fits-all. Secondary schools in the Netherlands will have the autonomy to define the exact boundaries with their teachers, parents, and students about what is and isn’t acceptable. They can choose to extend the ban to the whole school if deemed necessary.

Exceptions to the Rule

The policy won’t be without its exceptions. Students who rely on their phones for medical reasons or due to a disability can continue to use them. There will also be adapted arrangements for special education students.

The Road Ahead

The involved organizations will further refine the agreement over time. Post the summer vacation, teachers, students, and parents will start discussing how these rules will be applied in their specific schools, aiming to have the policies in place by the start of 2024. An evaluation at the end of the next school year will determine if the ban has the desired effect or if legal prohibition is necessary.

In the words of Minister Dijkgraaf, “With these national agreements, we want to set clear boundaries for the use of mobile phones in the classroom. Students have the right to an optimal learning environment without unnecessary distraction. I have confidence that this sector will successfully implement these agreements and bring about a culture change that benefits the pedagogical climate in the classroom.”

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