No, Julian Assange is not dead

The web wants to have clearance on whether Julian Assange is still alive or not – thousands of tweets have been mentioning the fact that Julian Assange has not published anything since the 4th of October 2016 and it is worrying people.

According to CNN, they had an interview with Assange and they published it on the 14th of November. You can find the interview here, and on the other side, the inquisitr stated that Assange was cut off from the internet.

Officials from Ecuador said they cut off Assange’s internet connection because of his interference with the U.S. presidential election. The WikiLeaks founder was still allowed to seek asylum in the embassy and WikiLeaks itself

So you can make up the answer out of this yourself, but to help you forward – let me say it plain and simple. He is still alive. 🙂

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