NMAP for Windows: Download, Installation, Configuration and Top 30 Commands (2016 version)

Nmap has adopted to Windows quite a while ago. The Windows version allows the user to operate the tool via the graphical user interface, it also allows the users to send direct commands to the network scanner tool.

In this guide, we are going to take a look at how to download, install and configure the tool on your Windows operating system.

We will also provide a huge list that holds commands that might be usefull.

Download and Installation of NMAP for Windows

In order to install the tool on Windows, you will need to have the official package. The Windows package has been renamed to Zenmap. Zenmap is the cross platform name of the NMAP tool.

The official site were you can find the download is:

The direct location to download the Zenmap (NMAP) Network scanner:


  • Download the Zenmap executable from the official source
  • Double click on the downloaded Zenmap file
  • Follow the installation instructions that have been provided in the screen
  • Install additional software if the installer requests you to do so

Configuration of NMAP

nmap windows configuration
nmap windows configuration