Next-gen hardware uses ‘LIGHT’ to store data permanently

A breaking research has been published, researchers claim that they have found a way to use light to store data permanently in a memory chip. The researchers want to use light or photons to transfer data, allowing them to achieve a much greater transfer speed.

“There’s no point using faster processors if the limiting factor is the shuttling of information to-and-from the memory,” said University of Oxford’s Professor Harish Bhaskaran.

The researchers believe that the use of light will significantly increase the transmission speed. Pulses of light can change the material’s state from an ordered to a random state, or crystalline to amorphous. This change can be used to store information, in the form of 1s and 0s, for decades. And using a technique known as multiplexing – which involves sending and directing different wavelengths of light down a silicon nitrate waveguide – a single pulse can write and read data simultaneously, providing “virtually unlimited bandwidth,” Professor Wolfram Pernice of the University of Münster said in the statement.

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