New Zero Day Attack Forced UK to Closed Down County Council’s Systems

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A Ransomware cyber attack demand one Million British Pound ( £1m) after a malware infected the Lincolnshire County Council’s systems

According the council’s chief information officer to assure all systems are clean they have checked and scanned 458 servers and 70 terabytes of data,and to prevent the system the council have closed down all its services and staff with pen and papers ,phone calls and human contacts are doing the job.

Lincolnshire Police’s cyber crime unit didn’t find any evidence that data were downloaded form servers and attackers have not identified yet ,report BBC

While all system anti-virus and security software were updated malware was hit the council system ,told CIO “This was what’s termed as a zero-day attack”

According the report Lincolnshire will not pay the ransom fee and expecting back to normal operation on Monday.

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