New hacking trend to hit companies and Facebook users in 2015

The puzzle is complete and the hackers have found the key to the power of social media. Today we reported that hackers have used a malware kit to infect unaware visitors with malicious codes. The hackers are using defaced websites to spread their malicious codes. Hackers are able to deface at least 100 websites each day, this allows them to create a massive environment of infected devices.

Now we have seen a lot of malicious Facebook scams in 2014. The shocking video scams and the “you will not believe this” facebook scams alone have lured millions of unaware users to malicious websites. The scammers behind these malicious websites have earned thousands of dollars via malicious online revenue generating scams. The scammers use surveys, advertisements and malicious codes to generate an online income.

The trend

We just had an preview by the AnonGhost hackers which are known for defacing Israeli and Western websites, they have recently used the Dokta Chef EK malware kit to infect unaware visitors with malicious codes.

These malicious codes allow hackers to control the unaware users infected devices. The infected devices can be used to initiate cyber attacks, and money laundering scams.

The scammers and hackers will gain control of:

  • Financial Information
  • Personal information
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Webcam access
  • Microphone Access
  • Passwords

The trend which we will see in 2015 will shock us all. But hey, we have been warned.


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