New and free Android Hacking tool ‘SpyNote’ allows hackers to take full control of your Android phone

The SpyNote Remote Administration Tool (RAT) is being offered for free on underground hacking forums. This RAT allows the operator to take full control over infected devices.

The SpyNote RAT focusses on the infection of Android devices. This means that once it has successfully infected a device, it will be able to access anything which is stored on the device.

For example; the hacker will be able to get access to your text messages, pictures, videos, contact list, email and much more.

The RAT hides itself as a legitimate Android application and once the malicious application is activated, it will request for permissions – but we all know, that a vast majority will just accept all those permissions in order to get a ‘working’ Android application.

The developer of the SpyNote Remote Administration Tool states that:

  • The Server is coded in JAVA
  • The Controller is coded in
  • No dependencies, and fully compatible with any Android Version, from Eclair to Nougat and no root access required !
  • Task Manager
  • File Manager
  • SMS Manager
  • Remote Commands
  • Device Information
  • Clipboard
  • Call Recording
  • Cam Capture
  • Installed Application

As usual, the developer behind the SpyNote RAT has published a video on Youtube which demonstrates the capabilities of the SpyNote RAT.


  • Do not simply allow any program to have any permission – be aware of what permissions you allow
  • Do not download applications outside the official appstore
  • Install a antivirus application on your Android device
  • Make sure that you have the latest patches and updates installed on your Android phone (Update your phone!)
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