New F-35 Fighter Jet is vulnerable to cyber-attacks

O M G. Millions are invested in the new F-35 Fighter Jet, and a recent report has reported that the F-35 Fighter Jet is vulnerable to cyber-attacks. This would allow opponents of the F-35 Figther Jet to take the F35 Fighter Jet down without firing a single bullet or missile. They will only need one click. 

The United States Armed Forces are developed a New F-35 Fighter Jet. The New F-35 Fighter Jet pilot uses a helmet display which draws the augmented reality from 6 cameras. The cameras are attached to the body of the plane. The use of the augmented reality helmet allows the pilot to look around without seeing the interior of the plane. This allows the pilot to have a bigger sight on what is happening in the sky.

F35 Fighter Jet helmet allows the pilot to view augmented footage.
F35 Fighter Jet helmet allows the pilot to view augmented footage.

Computer System ALIS (Autonomic Logistics Information System)

The F-35 Fighter Jet helmet uses the computer system ‘ALIS’. The vulnerability which is currently embedded in the ALIS system, disallows the human pilot to take-over the control of the F-35 Fighter Jet. The military is worried that enemies will find a way to infect the ALIS system. Once the hackers are able to infect the ALIS system, they will be able to ground the F-35 Fighter Jet. The pilot, will not be able to stop this!

The Lockheed Martin manager of the F-35 Fighter Jet explained that they are working hard to remove the vulnerability. Earlier today, we published a ‘cyber-attack’ chain which is based on the Lockheed Martin ‘cyber-kill chain’. The ‘Cyber-kill‘ chain of Lockheed Martin has a flaw.

DefenceTech published a report which included the statement of The head of the U.S. Defense Department Bogdan. Bogdan mentioned the following on the ‘helmet-mounted display’:

The helmet-mounted display, which receives data from the plane’s radar, cameras and antennae, “is doing OK” — good enough to warrant canceling the development of an alternative helmet, Bogdan said.

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