Network Security Tools and Software list (2016)

Network Security Tools are essential in any environment which contain personal or financial data – but sometimes it can be a real challenge to find the right network security tool to get the job done.

But before we start looking at the various network security tools which are available – we have to have an understanding.

It is the operator which can make a tool successful or not – the tool itself is just a tool – use the right equipment and be sure to know how to use the tool before you start wrecking things.

[FREE] Kali Linux

The Kali Linux operating system contains a wide set of tools – and in that toolkit, you are also able to find Network Security Tools which you can use for free. The great thing about the Kali Linux operating system is the fact that you can use it via a live CD or USB stick – just insert the CD / USB and boot the Kali Linux operating system.

Within minutes you will be able to use Network Security Tools like WireShark, Armitage, and the Metasploit Framework.

Download Kali Linux:

[PAID] Malware Threat Defender

The first paid network security/monitoring tool I think about is the RedSocks Malware Threat Defender solution. This solution monitors entire networks without any problems and the best part about the RedSocks Malware Threat Defender is the fact that it does not need β€œclient” information to work. No information is send back to RedSocks. The Malware Threat Defender will check your net flow (internet connection) for any malicious connections – once a malicious connection is seen, the Malware Threat Defender will show an alert in the dashboard – the SOC professional will then be able to take proper action.

Get more information about the RedSocks MTD:

[FREE] Security Onion

The Security Onion is the perfect network security toolkit – seriously – it contains all types of network security tools and software which will allow you to fully monitor and secure your network environment.

The best part about the Security Onion toolkit is the fact that you do not need to be an expert, the network security tools contain wizards which will allow you to setup your monitoring and network security environments.

Download Security Onion

[PAID] FireEye

FireEye is a massive company which focusses on threat intelligence and network security – the company holds a wide range of products which can improve the security of the network.

For more information about FireEye, I strongly suggest you to take a look at their site which contains all the information about their products.

Get more information about FireEye:

More Network Security Tools

Now I know that there have to be more tools out there – and it is impossible for me alone to collect and describe them all. So – if you know other security tools which have not been listed above – do not hesitate to leave them in a comment below – in order, I will update the post with the mentioned network security tool.

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