Explaining the (latest) Netflix scams

CYBERWARZONE – Netflix scams are set up by scammers to quickly gain personal and financial information from unknowing visitors. In this post, I will guide you through the latest Netflix scams, so that you can recognize them.

Netflix Unlimited membership for 99 cent

Well, you might already think that it sounds too good to be true. 99 cents for an unlimited Netflix membership is just perfect, and this is exactly the reaction the scammers want to trigger when they share fake Netflix messages on social media networks.

The Netflix scam page stating Netflix can be bought for 99 cents

But I got this link via my friend. Yes, this can happen. In this case, the scammers have lured your friend into performing an unwanted action. Inform your friend and delete the scam message.

The scammers will use big icons, hasty messages, alerts and whatever they can find in their arsenal, to trigger the visitor into following the steps which are provided on these Netflix scam sites.

Netflix scammers create look-a-like domains to increase the chance that the visitor will think that the real Netflix page is being visited.

One of the many fake Netflix scam domains

Recover your Netflix profile

Scammers are aware that Netflix users might lose their Netflix credentials, and they are playing into this. These cybercriminals create fake Netflix recover sites in which they will try to obtain information from visitors. In the best scenario for the scammers, they will obtain personal and financial details, while also gaining access to lost Netflix accounts.

One of the many fake Netflix scam domains

Netflix accounts are being sold on the underground market, and while they do have a short life-span, it remains a lucrative business for scammers and cybercriminals.

There are a lot of Netflix scams

I did a quick search on URLscan.io to find some indexed Netflix scams, and by simply following a filename, I quickly found 4 unique domains which are hosted in different countries like Russia and the United states. I hope this will help you to get an understanding of how many fake domains are registered just to scam unaware users that are in the search for Netflix related items.

A quick search on URLscan.io shows numerous Netflix scams

What do these Netflix scammers steal?

Scammers and cyber criminals are in the business for money, they are after anything which can be sold or utilized to gain financial wealth. In some of the Netflix scam sites, the scammers are directly asking the visitors of the fake Netflix sites to provide personal information which can be abused by the scammers.

One of the many Netflix scam sites which is asking for credentials

Netflix access

If you are interested in purchasing access to Netflix, then make sure that you purchase this via the official Netflix website or Netflix application.