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Netflix free account scams and viruses [2016]

Free Netflix account scams are circulating the web in order to lure unaware users to malicious environments which are setup by cybercriminals and scammers.

The Netflix free account scams often circulate on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and the reason is very simple, the social media networks which are mentioned have thousands/millions of daily users, and if only a small percentage of the people on those domains are lured to the malicious networks – the scammers and cybercriminals will be able to earn serious money.

Scammers behind the Netflix Free account scams

The scammers behind the Netflix free accounts scams are trying to generate an online revenue by luring unaware internet users to their specially setup environments. These environments are often loaded with malicious codes, advertisements and fake/modified applications which will generate a revenue for the scammers once installed or processed.

One of the famous methods the scammers use is the “Survey” method, they claim that the victim will be able to receive a free Netflix account, once the victim has successfully filled in all the survey questions.

The surveys are often an affiliate program which are used by the scammers, but the chance is also there that the questions in the survey will be focused on personal information and financial information – which the scammers can use in future attacks.

Cybercriminals behind the Netflix Free account scams

The cybercriminals which are behind the free Netflix account scams take it a step further. In order to generate a revenue, the cybercriminals will infect genuine looking applications with malicious code and they will lure the victim into installing the malicious “genuine” looking application.

Once the malicious application has been installed on the device, the virus/Trojan will allow access to the cybercriminal – allowing the cybercriminal to fully control the device and all the files and options which are on that device. It can also be used to infect other devices in the same network.


Once the infection has been fulfilled, the cybercriminal will harvest all types of data which the cybercriminal can sell on the Darknet – another famous method is the use of the “CryptoLocker” malware, which will lock all the files on your device with a password. Once all the files have been locked, your device will be locked with a screen which will claim that ransom has to be paid in order to retrieve the locked files.

netflix and chill

There are no free Netflix accounts, the only way to get an account for Netflix is by navigating to their official website and registering for a Netflix account, which is paid.

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