NATO Transparency and public Accountability Not In Order

The Netherlands Court of Audit published on its website, a report shows NATO’s limited transparency and public accountability for its expenses.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is financed and founded by public Tax’s money, however, it does not yet provide comprehensive information about its annual revenues, expenditures, and achievements to the taxpayer issued by the Netherlands Court of Audit (NCA) on 10 June 2014 and are based on an analysis of publicly available sources of NATO and its member countries.

NATO Transparency and public Accountability

The financing of the NATO goes through three funds, it is not clear what NATO entities achieve or whether they give value for money.

According NCA payments related to multinationals projects, operations and missions are not transparent, is not clear how many NATO member participate these operations and their contributions is unknown.

Who is Netherlands Court of Audit and Why this initiative?

Transparency and accountability are essential aspects of good public governance. This applies not only to financial information, but also to achievements and value for money. We aim to trigger a public discussion on NATO’s performance in this respect by presenting taxpayers with a comprehensive overview of NATO’s present level of transparency and public accountability. Our long-term goal is to stimulate NATO to become more transparent and accountable to the public, without compromising the security of its activities.

The Netherlands Court of Audit has taken the initiative to present an overview of the publicly available information on NATO’s finances and its results. We gather the publicly available information on NATO and its member states and update that information regularly on this website. We do not have a specific mandate to audit NATO, but we are involved in advising the International Board of Auditors for NATO (IBAN) together with the Supreme Audit Institutions of the other member states.

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