National Security and Cyberwar in the Global Economy

The CIGI profile on Youtube has published a new Cyberwar documentary on the Youtube website.

The documentary which has a duration of 1 hour and 30 minutes is a documentary which takes a look at the NSA surveillance, hacking scandals and the national security in the cyber space.

The cyberwar video on Youtube has been released a couple of days ago.

So take a look at the freshly uploaded cyberwar documentary now.

Cyber War, Cyber Space: National Security and Privacy in the Global Economy

As Information technologies and infrastructure play an increasingly indispensable role in daily life, the threats to cyber security are becoming more numerous and more serious. But as the NSA surveillance scandal illustrated, there are serious consequences when society doesn’t strike the correct balance between security and privacy.

The speakers:

  • Steven Bellovin
  • Yvo Desmedt
  • Amir Herzberg
  • Bart Preneel


  • Thomas Ferguson
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