NASCAR victim of ransomware, paid 500 dollars to regain access

The head of the Circle Sport-Leavine Family raceteam had become the victim of a ransomware attack. The NASCAR team, stated that they had to pay 500 dollar in order to regain access to their laptop.

The official report states that the NASCAR team only had 48 hours to respond. If they would not respond to the hack, they would lose data which was worth 1500 man-hours.

Computers, all of which held Winston’s data, were recently infected by TeslaCrypt ransomware and the perpetrators demanded that the CSLFR team pay a ransom within 48 hours, or their data would be gone forever.

The stored data would allow the NASCAR team to perform with their race cars on the highest level of performance.

The track data taken hostage contained key information that the CSLFR team had to ensure that their race cars perform at their highest level, car part lists, and custom high-profile simulation set-ups valued at $2 million.

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