#naoworldcup unleashes terrible events in Brazil

The Anonymous Brasil Facebook page has initiated the #naoworldcup operation, this operation is currently active in Brazil and it has unleashed various events in Brazil.

Alarming news has been published by the revolution-news.com website, they report that Brazilian armed police officers are attacking protestors and tourists.

The breaking news reports the following about the armed police officers in Brazil:

Out of control Military Police hunted down peaceful protesters in Sao Paulo and took them hostage at gun point in a hotel they had taken refuge in. Tourists were also brutalized and detained.




FIFA world cup 2014 viruses

The schemes which are used by the cybercriminals are known for their capability to imitate well known websites like Facebook and Yahoo. This allows them to increase their chance to infect unaware people, as the victims will think that they are on a official website. The hackers will use torrent websites and communities to share their malicious FIFA world cup file. Be aware, that if you are going to download a FIFA world cup file from the internet, that you make sure that you have a anti-virus installed.

Last month, Anonymous hacktivists claimed that they will attack the FIFA Word Cup 2014 sponsors and affiliates. The attack will be performed on various possible ways. It is proven that the Anonymous hacktivists will initiate DDoS attacks on their targets. Other hackers will use the Anonymous attacks to perform heavy infiltrations which will come in the form of remote administration tools and specific designed malware.

“No Cup.” “There will be no Cup.” “Don’t come to Brazil.” “FIFA go home.” 

It is not the first time that the FIFA World cup will be targeted by cybercriminals. Earlier, the FIFA world cup website got defacedBrazilian anti-World Cup (h)activists have called for protests in 50 cities across Brazil. Teachers, civil servants, transport workers and street cleaners are going to strike and take actions against the FIFA World Cup 2014.

Street kids murdered to clean up Brazil ahead of the world cup

As the World Cup is going to take place soon, a lot of media and attention is being given to Brazil. The ‘Street kids murdered to clean up Brazil’ picture is one of the shocking things that are taking place in the Brazilian favelas.

Armed Brazilian soccer fans

Take a look at the following video which shows how Brazilian soccer fans celebrate a goal by firing AK-47′s. As we all know the World Cup is going to be held in Brazil. What will the response be of the Brazilians when they lose? as when they score a goal, they immediatly start celebrating it by firing AK-47 bullets.

Dear friends from the world, do not come to Brazil. We do not want the Cup. #naovaitercopa

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