My kid is a computer hacker

My kid is a computer hacker! If you think that your son or daughter might be a computer hacker, then you are at the right spot. In this post we are going to look at the signs and actions which you can take.

Question you can get if your child is a computer hacker
One of the questions you might get

I truly believe that if there are signs that your child is a computer hacker, you should be the first one to notice this. It is a challenge, as you need to know the signs, and of course, I am going to help you with that.

I have been reading multiple posts on the web, which try to scare and frighten you with the idea that your son or daughter might be a computer hacker. I think that this is a very bad approach. A computer hacker is simply someone that is trying different methods to get from A to B. The idea that this is scary is caused by misinformation and lack of knowledge.

My kid is a computer hacker

If you think that your child is a computer hacker, then you can look for the following signs:

Technical requests

If your son or daughter is asking you to change the ISP, then this is an indication that they are involved in computer hacking. This is not a regular question you will get, and it does show, that there is an understanding of how the internet works.

I want a VPN; this is another sign that your child is active in the computer hacking scene. Ask them for the reason. In my eyes, if your child wants to use a VPN, this is a great signal that they care about their online privacy. I do believe that it is important to see when they activate the VPN. The same goes for the TOR project. If the TOR browser has been installed, ask them what they browse for.

Webinars and Tutorials

I want to join Udemy. If your child is asking that, then I do recommend that you spend some time, and investigate what type of courses they want to follow. Is your child watching Kali Linux, Parrot, Ubuntu, or Windows tutorials? then this is one of the signs that your child might be a true computer hacker.

Some tips and ideas if your kid might be a computer hacker
Some tips and ideas
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