Must read: Lizard Squad hacking

The Lizard Squad is not a new hacking team. This team has been attacking various targets for the last year. The Lizard Squad hacking team gained fame when they first threatened the Sony Executive. It did not take long before the Lizard Squad threat reached the goal. The Sony Executive was forced to exit the plane which he had taken. The Lizard Squad threatened that they had planted a bomb on the American airlines plane.


Resources which are used by Lizard Squad

The Lizard Squad are using various platforms to communicate. We have listed down all the known public communication platforms which are used by the Lizard Squad.

Lizard Squad Lizard Mafia


The LizardSquad Twitter account was used by the Lizard Squad hacking team to send out the American Airlines bomb threat which forced the Sony Executive to exit the American Airlines flight. The @LizardSquad Twitter account is currently inactive as it has been suspended by the Twitter company.

The LizardMafia Twitter account is currently being used by the Lizard Squad hackers. The LizardMafia Twitter account is currently their main Twitter account. The attacks on TOR, Sony and the Xbox live environment were announced via the LizardMafia Twitter account.



The Lizard Squad is using the domain to host their IRC environment. This domain is provided via the Twitter account LizardMafia, and the Lizard Squad claims that they will keep the environment up to date to provide their latest channels for communication.

Type Domain Name IP Address TTL
Type Domain Name IP Address TTL Status Time (ms) Auth Parent Local
NS 24 hrs  x 125 x  x  x
NS 24 hrs  x 16 x  x  x
  • <-> Communication service provider

The environment is being used by Lizard Squad, the service provides various services which allow their users to communicate in a more secure way. The Lizard Squad has an email account active on the environment.

I cry when Tor deserves to die

The LizardSquad twitter account (LizardMafia) has made their slogan for their TOR attacks public.

The slogan which they are using for the TOR attacks is:

I cry when Tor deserves to die.

My first guess is that the Lizard Squad was listening to some System of a Down music.

Lizard Squad Tor Attacks

Lizard Squad does not like the “Anonymous” kiddies

The Lizard Squad has been tweeting offensive tweets towards the Anonymous collective. The reason behind this is the fact that Anonymous hacktivists had claimed that they were able to stop Lizard Squad, but it soon was clear that the “Anonymous Kiddies” are not going to be able to take down the Lizard Squad.

Even the AnonHQ environment is having a hard time to keep track of on which side “Anonymous” currently is.

lizard squad anonymous


The Anonymous collective has had their fun years, just like the Lizard Squad is doing now. Anonymous has performed various attacks on targets which were “justified” in the eyes of Anonymous.

Well, Anonymous – here you have your counter part. The Lizard Squad which is taking down the “kiddie” environments.

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