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MUST READ: Hackers claim to have hacked the Sony Playstation Network

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Various reports are emerging on the internet, which claim that hackers have found a way to hack the Sony Playstation Network (AGAIN).

A couple of years ago, the Playstation Network was hacked 3 times in one month. I am sincerely hoping that Sony Playstation has done something towards their cyber security status.

The users which try to use the Sony Playstation network are getting various erros which claims that the Sony Playstation Network is unavailable.

So who is behind the Sony Playstation Network attack

The hackers @LizardSquad claim to be the responsible actors behind the Sony Playstation Hack. The hackers have been publishing various tweets which claim that the Sony Playstation Network is going down.

playstation sony network hacked
playstation sony network hacked

The hackers are known to go after various gaming companies.

The hackers also target the following environments:

  • ShackNews
  • ¬†Blizzard’s servers
  • Riot’s League of Legends
  • Grinding Gear Games’ Path of Exile
  • PlayStation Network
Playstation down
Playstation down

Blizzard was massively hit with most of its gaming servers that including that of Hearthstone, Diablo 3, World of Warcraft and others were reported down.

This is costing Sony money

As soon the Sony Playstation Network went offline, the stocks dropped.

Play Station down 4

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