[MUST READ] FIFA world cup 2014 viruses and hoaxes

FIFA world cup 2014 hoaxes and malware

The official 2014 FIFA world cup is a massive chance for cybercriminals to earn a online revenue by infecting people with malicious code. On Facebook there are various schemes which are waiting to find a unaware user which will install the virus on their personal or company device. The perfect example is the official Pitbull feat. Jennifer Lopez & Claudia Leitte  FIFA world cup song ‘We are One‘.

The world cup song is downloaded and listened by millions of people around the globe. Hackers are aware of this trend and they will exploit the ‘We are One’ FIFA world cup song by including a virus in the FIFA world cup song.

Hackers will also spread malicious FIFA world cup 2014 applications as they are aware of the fact that a lot of people will be searching for awesome FIFA world cup applications.

Claudia Leitte, one of the official FIFA world cup singers
Claudia Leitte, one of the official FIFA world cup singers

FIFA world cup 2014 viruses

The schemes which are used by the cybercriminals are known for their capability to imitate well known websites like Facebook and Yahoo. This allows them to increase their chance to infect unaware people, as the victims will think that they are on a official website. The hackers will use torrent websites and communities to share their malicious FIFA world cup file. Be aware, that if you are going to download a FIFA world cup file from the internet, that you make sure that you have a anti-virus installed.

If you want to enjoy the FIFA world cup 2014 song, then simply watch it on Youtube, as this will guarentee you that you will not download a malicious FIFA world cup file. To show you how easy it is for hackers to share a malicious file we have created a ‘fake’ world cup 2014 flyer which shows you how hackers will try to lure unaware users to install a malicious FIFA world cup application.

Fifa world cup virus
Fifa world cup virus example

FIFA world cup 2014 malicious applications

Cybercriminals will also use malicious applications to earn revenue. They will release fake applications on the Google Store, as the Google Store does not activily search for malicious applications on their domains. Once a hacker has developed a malicious FIFA world CUP application, the hacker will only have to wait untill millions of people worldwide will download the malicious application from the Google market.

fifa world cup android virus
fifa world cup android virus example

We have made a list of secure FIFA world cup applications and songs which you can use to enjoy the FIFA world cup 2014:



Fifa World Cup 2014 Games

We urge you to inform your friends and family as a lot of people will be watching the FIFA world cup series.

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