[MUST READ] Coca Cola, Pepsi, Fanta, Sprite scams on the internet

Keep your eyes open for scammers on social media networks!

Dear users, I want to warn you about the various scams which are currently luring unaware users to malicious websites. The Coca Cola Facebook scam is a perfect example. The Coca Cola Facebook scams tries to lure unaware users to a malicious website by claiming that it has “leaked footage” of the Coca Cola industry.

Unaware users

The unaware users are lured by the Coca Cola Facebook scam as they believe that they will be able to view exclusive footage which has been stolen from the Coca Cola industry.

The unaware users will be forced to visit a specific (malicious) website which will contains malicious advertisements, surveys and applications.

Once the unaware users visits the Coca Cola Facebook scam, it will be forced to share and like the malicious page to their social media timeline.

[VIDEO] You will never drink Coca after watching this leaked video footage

Social media timeline

The hackers urge the unaware users to share the scam website to their social media timeline as this will allow the malicious page to go trending or viral within couple of hours.

So if you see a friend in your network which is sharing a malicious page, inform them about the fact that they are helping a scammer / cybercriminal to earn money.

If the project is successful for the cybercriminal, the cybercriminal will launch a similar project.

The scammers launch these type of Coca Cola scams because they know that people will click on these type of scams. The scammers will load the malicious website with money generating affiliate programs because that will generate them online revenue.

Malware via the Coca Cola and Pepsi scams

The scammers are able to load their malicious sites with remote administration tools. The remote administration tools will allow them to remotely control their victim device. This will allow them to do EVERTHING with the computer.

[WARNING] You will never Eat Cadbury Chocolates after watching this leaked video footage.
[WARNING] You will never Eat Cadbury Chocolates after watching this leaked video footage. Facebook Scam
So if you have visited the Coca Cola scam website, then be sure to control your computer for unwanted programs. You can do this via a free antivirus program.

Scammers are not limited

The scammers are not limited to a specific amount of scams. It is possible that the scammers will launch scams which use Pepsi, Fanta, Sprite and other type of companies like NIVEA.

Shocking videos

The scammers are also using “shocking videos” and “shocking titles” to lure unaware users to their malicious websites.

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