[MUST READ] Brian Krebs is being haunted by Twitter demons

Brian Krebs is a well known security researcher which publishes reports on cyber security issues on his blog.

It seems to be that various Twitter accounts on Twitter are tweeting about Brian Krebs in a very negative way. The Twitter accounts which seem to be fake and malicious are spreading text messages on Brian Krebs, claiming that he has been hacked.

The Twitter account of the official Brian Krebs is being included in a series of fake messages which are being published by the fake Twitter accounts.

Brian Krebs fake Twitter messages
Brian Krebs fake Twitter messages

Twitter account @LOHANTHONY

I decided to take a look at the @LOHANTHONY twitter account which seems to include  the @briankrebs twitter account each time.

@lohanthony twitter account
@lohanthony twitter account

If you take a look at the picture above you will see that the owner of the @LOHANTHONY account is aware of the fact that fake messages are being shared. The owner also claims that nothing illegal has been done.

This message provides us two possible scenarios:

  • The account holder is lying
  • There is someone else which has started a campaign against Brian Krebs and the person who did it, accidently included the @LOHANTHONY account.

What do you think?

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