Must read 10 alternatives for Whatsapp

Facebook is now the owner of Whatsapp, and that means that a lot is going to change with the Whatsapp application. We have made a top 10 list of alternatives for the Whatsapp application. Now that Facebook is the owner of Whatsapp, they can combine all the mobile information with their Facebook users. This means a massive increase in data and maybe privacy breaches.

  • Telegram looks like Whatsapp and it is real fast, it enables the user to send ‘self-destruct’ messages. You can not send audio with it.
  • WeChat is the Chinese alternative for Whatsapp. It has a timeline function and it has a shake function which enables you to chat with people you don’t know.
  • Hike allows you to do everything, what Whatsapp provides. The only thing is, that you are not allowed to send more then 100 messages each month.

Similar applications

There are various services which provide free messaging (Chaton,Ā GoogleHangouts,Tango,Ā Kik) so when a particular service is down, or offline – you are able to use an alternative. Just be consciousĀ on where you sign-up and leave personal information. We have all experienced the massive speed of development which social media is enjoying. At the moment Whatsapp might be popular, on the next day it could be Line.

Which one is your? favorite?

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