Mosquitos & the Zika virus: causes brain damaged and small headed babies

I have been reading about the Zika virus, it is a virus which can cause brain damage to unborn babies, but to make it worse, the Zika virus is also known for making the heads of the unborn babies smaller.

The first time I heard about it was around a week ago and it really shocked me to hear that such a virus is being transferred by mosquitos, this means that if you get bitten by an mosquito which is infected with the Zika virus, your (future) child might be affected with brain damage and a small head.

The CDC stated that: “There are no known locally transmitted instances of the virus in the United States, but cases have been reported in returning travelers”, but if we look further, there already has been an report from Miami which concluded that an baby was born with the Zika symptons.

The CDC states that the following countries should be avoided by pregnant females:

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