The Moroccan Snowden: Chris Coleman which daily leaked Moroccan official documents for 3 months

Hold on, have you heard about the hacker which has been leaking HIGHLY, and when i say HIGHLY, i mean HIGHLY classified documents which belong to Moroccan high ranking officials?! The people in that region are calling him the African Edward Snowden. The hack had an impact on the Moroccan “high ranking” society, a hacking group which identifies itself as “Hawks Moroccan Sahara” claim that they were able to hack the African Edward Snowden.

The “Hawks Moroccan Sahara” claim that they had obtained an email exchange with the head of the Algerian news office “Mukhtar Mourad Ben Dib” which is located in Paris, France. The “Hawks Moroccan Sahara” hacking team also claims that they have obtained email exchange from the United Nations Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara, Polisario agents and foreign journalists.


The Polisario Front, Frente Polisario, FRELISARIO or simply POLISARIO, from the Spanish abbreviation of Frente Popular de Liberación de Saguía el Hamra y Río de Oro, is a Sahrawi rebel national liberation movement working to end Moroccan presence in the Western Sahara.

The hacking group “Hawks Moroccan Sahara” claims that they have identified the African Edward Snowden as “Mohammed Mahmoud Mbarek”. They claim that he is an Algerian Intelligence agent which travels to many European countries in order to escape prosecution.

African Edward Snowden aka Chris Coleman

This Chris Coleman hacker has shocked up the African news agencies. Most of the articles which are being published about the Chris Coleman hacking case are in French or in Arabic. I had the chance to find one English article, and as you can read above, that English article “claimed” a lot of things, I strongly do not believe that the Hawks Moroccan Sahara hackers have obtained the ID of Chris Coleman a.k.a the African Edward Snowden, but hey, that is just my opinion.

The Hawks Moroccan Sahara hacking group claims that this is Chris Coleman
The Hawks Moroccan Sahara hacking group claims that this is Chris Coleman

My opinion is based on:

  • The claim that he is an intelligence agent and that he is travling to European countries to prevent prosecution
  • The claim that they have obtained his ID in such a small time period
  • The claim that they have obtained various email communications – I WANT PROOF

But let’s continue, this Chris Coleman hacker has shocked the African “security” department and it now seems like that the “High Ranking Officials” in Morocco are going back their shells.

The Chris Coleman hacker was active on Twitter via the @chris_coleman24 account, but that account has been banned. The Chris Coleman hacker has crafted a new twitter account @Chris_Coleman27.

Sup with the numbers at the end? 😉

The Chris Coleman hacker had been publishing (claimed) official documents each day which provided insight on the Moroccan diplomacy and its intelligence services. One of the larger news agencies “Akhbar Al Yaoum” published a full article on the leaks and it stated that the scandal has reached its limits and that actions needs to be taken. The Moroccan Second Chamber also claimed that these are “low spooks maneuvers” – which in the context referred to the Algerian Intelligence services.

The Chris Coleman hacker has released and leaked the following documents

Chris Coleman n’est pas le Wikileaks qu’on décrit , El Mahdi El Mhamdi Medias24, 18.12.14
L’affaire Chris Coleman atterrit au parlement, Fahd Iraqi, le, 18.12.14
Marocleaks : La véritable identité de « Chris Coleman » révélée par des
hakers marocains ?
, 17.12.14 ,
Twitter a supprimé le compte de Chris Coleman, sans s’expliquer, Tel Quel, 17.12.14
Les Nations unies et l’Union européenne agacées, Le Temps, 15.12.14
Jamais deux sans trois: Après Kompass et Ndiaye, vient Khan, Malainin Lakhal, 14.12.14
Maroc : Twitter suspend le compte de Chris Coleman , Maghrebnaute, 17.12.14
Un expert a authentifié les mails de Charaï où il est question de remise d’argent à des journalistes français, Demain, 16.12.14
Les relais médiatiques occidentaux de Mohamed VI démasqués, El Watan, 16.12.14chronique par Jean-Marc Manach dans  (sur abo)
Les mails du “Snowden marocain”, d’abord mis en doute, sont authentiques

Wikileaks marocain : Jean-Marc Manach répond à « Demain»
Un « Wikileaks marocain » qui secoue le pouvoir, Ignacio Cembrero, Orient XXI, 15.12.14

¿quien está detrás de “Chris Coleman”? Wikileaks del majzen (IV), (13-XII-2014) blog Desde el Atlantico, C. Ruiz Miguel,
Nouvelles révélations du hacker Chris Coleman sur le Makhzen. Le Maroc, un ami discret et fidèle d’Israël, Zine Cherfaoui, El Watan, 14.12.14
Le WikiLeaks marocain “déshabille” le Makhzen, L’Expression, 10.12.14


Noticias del Sahara, blog diaspora saharaui

Diaspora Saharaui , blog

Resources which were used to write the article


 The Chris Coleman hacker is still active and we will keep an close watch for developments. Stay tuned.

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