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Morgan Freeman on Cyber Warfare

The 'Gods voice' will take you on a cyber conflict journey in the Wormhole show.

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Morgan Freeman’s Through the Wormhole is going to take a look on the cyberwarfare aspects. The How to Collapse a Superpower episode will take a look on the hacking and cyberconflict scene.

Cyber warfare is a aspect which has got a lot of attention in the last couple of years. It is not something new.

Cyberconflict and cyberwarfare has been around as long as computers have been connected to the internet.

The Morgan Freeman show will take a look at the dangers and threats which come from the cyber domain. 

morgan freeman cyberwarfare

Morgan Freeman said: 

“We should no longer think in terms of F22s or F13s or aircraft carriers or fighting machines,”

Super hackers

It will just take somebody with a strong mind and computer, and all they have to do is basically change the time. Think about that: If they changed the time by one or two seconds, it would throw everything into chaos.


it would affect flight schedules and communication systems: “Everything would fall apart.”


He also poses a scenario in which someone could “infect” a person’s pacemaker with a virus; say that person worked in the Pentagon, and when he or she walked through the security system, the virus would jump from that person to the computer system.

When will it be aired

  • “Is Poverty Genetic?” — June 4
  • “How to Collapse a Superpower” — June 11
  • “Does the Ocean Think?” — June 18
  • “Is a Zombie Apocalypse Possible?” — June 25
  • “Is Gravity an Illusion?” — July 2
  • “When Did Time Begin?” — July 9
  • “Is There a Shadow Universe?” — July 16
  • “Will We Become God?” — July 23

The Emmy-nominated Wormhole is produced by Revelations Entertainment, with Freeman, McCreary, Younger and Tracy Mercer.

The episode will air on June 11, 2014.

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