Molerats Cyber Attacks Target U.S. & EU Gov Organizations

A wide range of cyber attacks campaign has been identified by FireEye Security firm, several Molerats attacks discovered over April and May on major U.S. financial institution and multiple, European government organizations.

The FireEye has uncovered a much broader Molerats attacks by “Gaza Hackers Team” dating back even further to October 2011,Hakcer used the Trojan Poison Ivy Remote Access Tool (RAT) against Middle East and US targets.

The security firm claimed that Molerats cyber attacks have targeted, Palestine and Israeli “surveillance groups”, multiple European government organizations, the BBC, a major US financial institution and government departments in the UK, US, Israel, Latvia, New Zealand, Slovenia and Macedonia, United Nations Middle East peace negotiations working group.

Molerats Cyber Attacks

Ajax Security Team a hacker group from Iran recently in an operation named “Operation Saffron Rose” used almost the same Molerats cyber-attack technics, a combination of fake login pages, phishing emails and Trojan backdoor malware targeting more than 2000 U.S. & European Government officials, to steal login credentials and other data.

Timothy Dahms FireEye intelligence analyst wrote on his blog;

On 27 May we observed at least one victim downloading a malicious .ZIP file as the result of clicking on a shortened Google URL – http://goo[.]gl[/]AMD3yX – likely contained inside of a targeted spearphishing email. However, we were unable to confirm for this particular victim.