Microsoft Windows 10 Collect Your Data For MSN Search Engine Index

Since i have started using the Windows 10 Technical Preview i have noticed unusual amount of bandwidth usage ,Windows tool Resource monitor shows that the data was being sent to “” ,which is an internet bot or better say a web crawling robot developed by Microsoft to collect documents from the web and  build a searchable index for the MSN Search engine.

According the Microsoft privacy statements and policies when you participate in a pre-release Windows version you agree to provide the information and data ,Microsoft collects many kind of information combined with with your user ID data and its collect your name, email address, preferences and interests ,location ,browsing ,search and file history ,phone call and SMS data device configuration and sensor data ,voice, text and writing input ,and application usage.

Microsoft software and services contains internet-enabled features and social functionality to transmit information about your computing environment such as IP address ,network status ,operating conditions and information about devices and software used with the Program software and services.

From Resource Monitor ;



According Microsoft For example, when you:

  • install or use Program software and services, we may collect information about your device and applications and use it for purposes such as determining or improving compatibility (e.g., to help devices and apps work together),
  • when you use voice input features like speech-to-text, we may collect voice information and use it for purposes such as improving speech processing (e.g., to help the service better translate speech into text),
  • when you open a file, we may collect information about the file, the application used to open the file, and how long it takes to use it for purposes such as improving performance (e.g., to help retrieve documents more quickly), or
  • when you input text, hand write notes, or ink comments, we may collect samples of your input to improve these input features, (e.g., to help improve the accuracy of auto complete and spell check).

Usage details setting

data usage

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