[MH17] A letter from Ukraine to the Netherlands

Dear Mr. Hans de Borst,

Hope you and your friends will read this letter. I’m from Kyiv, Ukraine, former employer of the ING group and have many friends in ING all over the world. I’ve been to Netherlands. Here how we’re connected.

I’ve read the letter to Putin on the facebook page, which is claimed to be yours. Please do not consider this personally if this is not your account and your mail to Putin.

I’m terribly sorry about your daughter and hundreds of other people in the plane. Last week I’ve already sent my condolences to all friends from Netherlands. I was shocked about your understanding of the situation in Ukraine and that you’re blaming the Ukrainian government. You may think that we – Ukrainians – can not even imagine your feelings.

Our country never attended any war from its creation in 1991 year and never any terrorists attack happened in Ukraine before 2014. Therefore every death is a big shock for all Ukrainians. And therefore we’re bringing lots of flowers, toys and candles to the embassy of the Netherlands in Kyiv.

Perhaps you do not aware about the Dutch War of Independence with the Spain which last eighty years.

The same happens now between Ukraine and Russia. Might you know that UK, USA and France have sighed with Ukraine the Budapest memorandum in 1994. The memorandum included security assurances against threats or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of Ukraine. As a result Ukraine gave up the world’s third largest nuclear weapons stockpile between 1994 and 1996.

When Putin has conquered the part of Ukraine’s territory (Crimea) we though that UK, USA, France and EU as a whole will support us and guarantee the integrity of our territory. However this did not happen at all.

If Ukraine had the nuclear weapon, Russia would not have sent their terrorist troops to our cities and would not shot the plane.

If EU and USA had helped Ukraine to protect us against Russia your daughter would not died.

When dictator Yanukovich was murdering hundreds of innocent people on the Maidan square in the center of Kyiv, EU politics were asking manifestants to stop their protest and signed a memorandum of understanding with Yanukovitch.

When Putin started killing tens of thousands of Ukrainians, using its terrorists, EU politics asked the Ukrainian government to sign a peace memorandum with terrorists and not fight to free the occupied Crimea.

EU still has close economical relationships with Russia. Everyday you may use the Russian gas to boil a coffee, or put a gasoline from Russia oil into your car. EU pays money to Putin for many goods, and Putin uses this money to kill thousands of Ukrainian civilians.

Just before blaming the Ukrainian government please ask your EU officials what they had done to prevent Russian military aggression against Ukraine. Why were these measures not effective. Please take a banner and go to EU headquarter and ask them to use all political, economical and military pressure against Russia to make it stop its military intervention and occupation.

In any case you would not do that you will put other EU citizens lifes under a high threat from Russian military machine.

Putin is Hitler of XXI century and EU is guilty of the plane crash as they did not stop Putin in time.

Via: http://www.szona.org

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