Meta Help Assistance message on Instagram

The account MetaHelpAssistance is claimed by Meta (Facebook) to be an automatically created Instagram account. Users on Instagram have been getting messages which state that they have violated Instagram terms of agreements.

Instagram Meta Help Assistance account

The account currently has around 300 followers. It seems that everyone which has gotten the message below is immediately following the Meta Help assistance profile on Instagram:

Victims of Meta Help Assistance account on Instagram

One of the victims of this attack lost the profile. The attacker social engineered access into the account.

sahinxxks[@]gmail[.]com used by the criminal to control the account.
The Meta Help Assistance profile on Instagram

Spelling error in profile name

The Meta Help Assistance account has a spelling mistake. Assistance contains a double S and in the profile name it just contains one.

The profile tries to steal the trust of the users like this. Additional it has provided the official site in the description of the account which makes it look more legit.

Text in description of fake profile:

• This account is created automatically by Instagram
• You will receive messages regarding your accounts from this

Stay vigilant

Never provide information to accounts on Instagram or any platform. Always use the official site to login and enable two-factor authentication.

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