Messi, Xavi and Christiano dead after car accident [hoax]

People on social media networks are sharing the breaking news of the deadly Messi, Xavi and Christiano car accident. The post claims that the FIFA World players have been in a terrible car accident in Brazil.

The post continues to claim that they were training in Brazil for the FIFA World Cup 2014 event. Messi, Xavi and Christiano are the victims of another internet death hoax which lures unaware users to a malicious website.

The malicious websites are luring unaware users as these users will generate a revenue for the hackers which have launched the Messi, Xavi and Christiano car accident hoax.

Messi, Xavi and Christiano dead after car accident hoax
Messi, Xavi and Christiano dead after car accident hoax

The hackers launched various schemes and hoaxes titled:

  • Lionel Messi Dead
  • Christiano Ronaldo dead
  • Xavi Hernández dead

As the FIFA world cup 2014 event is coming closer. Hackers will initiate various schemes to infect unaware users with malicious surveys and schemes. The FIFA world cup soccer players are still alive and well.


Some fans have expressed anger at the fake report saying it was reckless, distressing and hurtful to fans of the much loved footballers. Others say this shows their extreme popularity across the globe.

Another Ronaldo hoax on social media:

Like so many kids, Chase was placed next to a soccer ball almost the moment he could walk. Chase sometimes had to be tricked, dragged, and even bribed to go practice. He quit soccer “forever!” several times—once, even, mid-game. My husband and I persevered.

Then something happened.

He became inseparable from a soccer ball. If he didn’t have one, he’d make one. Tin cans. Duct Tape. The question is never, “Is Chase wearing a soccer jersey?” but rather, “Which team jersey is he wearing?” He knows the players by name, what they look like, what positions they play, and what makes them special. Despite playing every day, sometimes twice per day, he’s the first one on the field and always the last one to leave.

My husband’s parents are both from beautiful Madeira Island. It is a magical place whose people have open and generous hearts. It is also the birthplace of Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro. Cristiano Ronaldo. Cristiano. CR7. Yes—this player is Chase’s idol. My little boy had “CR7” shaved into his hair in honor of his favorite player. Ronaldo inspires him to attack and dominate on the pitch.

Last year, Chase asked for tickets to the Portugal v. Brazil game at Gillette Stadium for his January birthday. The game was months before in September. When Ronaldo did not attend the match, Chase was devastated.

On Friday, June 6, 2014, Portugal will be playing Mexico at Gillette Stadium. It has been announced that Ronaldo will not be playing due to an injury. My son has only watched Cristiano Ronaldo play on YouTube (over and over again). It’s Chase’s get-up-and-go routine and his bedtime story. Help me by sharing/liking this and getting attention in hopes that Ronaldo will at least sit on the bench with the team tomorrow, even though he may not play. My son will be there, holding his breath in hopes of getting even a glimpse of his idol live and in person.

Ronaldo, you have a son. Wouldn’t you do everything in your power to keep him motivated and full of happiness?

To all others who’ve had or known a child who loved and wanted something so fiercely, I beg you to help me—to perpetuate my son’s passion captured in this picture. You can’t teach this passion. It runs thick from his Madeiran blood. Please share and like this picture. Thank you.

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