Mermaid Body Found scam: From clicks to hard revenue

Beware of the Mermaid Body Found scam which is luring on the internet, this scam has been setup by scammers which are hunting down unaware users in order to infect their devices and steal their personal and financial information.

Mermaid Body Found scam

The scam is one of the thousands of scams which are currently circulating the web, the scams are setup with only one goal, to create an revenue. The scammers behind the Mermaid Body Found scam and other scams, will create fake stories with catching headlines in order to lure the unaware (Facebook) users to their malicious sites.

Mermaid Body Found scam website

Once you land on the Mermaid Body Found scam website, you will be forced to participate in an survey which can (will) ask for personal information and financial information, and the scammers are not stupid, they will ask for information in multiple surveys, so it will not look ‘suspicious’ for a lot of users.

Mermaid Body Found scam survey

Once the Mermaid Body Found scam survey has been completed, the user will be redirected to another malicious website, which will claim that the user has to follow some instructions or download an program on the device in order to be able to watch the Mermaid Body Found video.

How they make revenue

The scammers are able to generate hard revenue by including advertisement on the malicious sites and affiliate linked surveys and link redirection.

The Mermaid Body

The Mermaid body which is being used is from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides and if you want to see how they crafted the Mermaid, you can take a look at the Youtube video below.

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