Mauritania attacker from AnonGhost is leading once again

In the last couple of weeks, we did not hear a lot from AnonGhost, and the reason is very clear. One of the minds behind the AnonGhost group had gone inactive. Mauritania Attacker had informed his AnonGhost members (“Family”) that he is going to be inactive for a while and that he will not be contacting people for a long while.

Now I and Mauritania have a history, we talk a lot and we exchange our thoughts via chats. I was surprised to see that Mauritania Attacker was back active again.

Like always, Mauritania Attacker adds me – I do not have to search for his account as there are many fakes on Facebook.

Justice Madagascar owned

So the first thing which happened was pretty awesome for the AnonGhost hackers.  Mauritania Attacker informed me that AnonGhost had hacked and defaced the Drupal France website.

Drupal is a content management system which is used to build and manage websites. For example, the old version of was running the Drupal CMS to provide news.

drupal france hacked anonghost

Future view of AnonGhost

Now that Mauritania Attacker is back, the level of the amount of attacks will increase. You can see Mauritania Attacker as a “Support / Strategic / Marketing” hacker. He knows his ways around the hacking community and he knows how to get the “media” to their knees.

The AnonGhost hackers have been hacking Israeli domains for years now and I do believe that they will continue to hack Israeli (related) domains to show their protest against Israel.

We did see that once a “leader” leaves the AnonGhost group, that the hackers in the group will continue their attacks but they will not have a big impact as the targets which are selected by the “leader” icons in the AnonGhost group.

To Mauritania Attacker: Welcome back and take care.
To the rest of the world: Secure your shiznit!


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