Massive Third Party Facebook app has been hacked: change your Facebook password now!

It is strongly recommended to change your Facebook password immediately. The reason behind this request is the fact that the Uiggy application has been breached. The database has been leaked and it is available on the public web.

The security researcher Troy Hunt has uploaded the Uiggy database to his HaveIbeenPwnd system. In that system you can check if your accounts have been breached or not.

The Uiggy application is an application which allows Facebook users to play puzzles and more. If you know people that use the Uiggy application, then please do inform them about the breach.

Extra tip

If you are going to change your password, then I strongly recommend you to use a passphrase. Passphrases are stronger than passwords and they are harder to crack.

A simple passphrase would be:

‘My password = password123!’

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