Massive list of Facebook malware Which one have you seen before

Most of the users on Facebook have witnessed the effect that malware can have on Facebook. We are talking about the ‘shocking videos’ that lead users to a website that will steal their information. We have made a massive list of Facebook malware that we have found. Let us know if you identify one, or if we have missed one!

Lets start with the latest malware that hit Facebook their campaign ‘#Facebookis10’ the ‘A look back’ malware was born, the hackers copied the template Facebook used on their official ‘A look back’ page and edited in such a way that the users that clicked on the link were forced to download a application that served malware to the victim. A lot of users were infected, but as the #infosec community responded quickly to the threat – a lot of people were informed.

Rapper Nicki Minaj malware

Earlier in 2013 the same Nicki Minaj *** tape got leaked on Facebook and it seems that the criminals are going to try the same trick again. Today we received an message that Nicki Manaj had leaked a new tape, the only thing you had to do to watch it – was to share the Facebook message and so it began.

Jay-Z and Beyonce leaked tape

Beyonce fans be careful, there is a new malware spreading on Facebook that provides a link to the leaked video of Beyonce and Jay-Z. Before you can watch the video the hackers prompts the user to take several steps before the video can be watched.The hacker demands that the user install an application which will make it possible to view the leaked tape of Beyonce and Jay-Z.

Roller Coaster Accident in Orlando Park

We have had the Nicki Minaj malware and now it seems that the hackers are trying another scene. The facebook post claims that they have an video of the roller coaster accident in Orlando Park. The title says that the Orlando Park tried to keep the video hidden and that it has been leaked now for you to be watched.

Once you click on the link you will be redirected to an website(remove –cyberwarzone from url) that is hosted in brazil. There you will find multiple images that try to trick you into believing that it is an video. You will see fake Facebook comments below the video and as you already thought – the video is fake.

Facebook will not be accessible

There is a hoax going around on Facebook that is tricking the users into believing that the Facebook website will be offline on February 29, 30 and 31. This is fake as the dates do not exist in the year 2014.

OMG guys we were robbed

Hackers on Facebook are trying to trick users by sending them a message which says that they got robbed and that they have footage of the thieves. They try to trick you by making you think that you are helping them to identify the thieves. Facebook is a heaven for hackers as there are millions of active users that have their close network connected on Facebook.

OMG guys we were robbed our house got broken intoo today!! We have pictures the theives on the security camera do you recognize

Facebook music theme

Hackers are trying to fool Facebook users by sending them an invite to upgrade their Facebook profile with music. They promise that the user is able to select music for each notification and they should be able to change their Facebook background with a picture they desire.

The Facebook music malware can be recognized pretty fast, the picture that is used is made in such a way that it can’t be work from Facebook or any designer that is serious with their product.


People can’t watch this for more than ‘X’ seconds

Hackers have uploaded a new Facebook malware that focuses on tricking Facebook users. This time the hackers used an video of an crocodile or an alligator that has the hand of someone in his jaws. This is not the first malware that tries to infect people with shocking content. Last week we had the Facebook Rollercoaster accident malware that hit around 70 000 users.


UFO spotted by robot on surface of Mars

Facebook hackers have uploaded a new malicious Facebook application that tries to trick users by promising them a video of a UFO that has been sighted on MARS. The hacker then makes sure that the Facebook user is redirected to an malicious website that then will trick the user to install the Facebook malware that then will have access to the personal information of the Facebook user.


Facebook Shark attack malware

Hackers are using a new video that tricks the users by promising them a video that shows how a shark eats a teenage girl in the ocean. The hackers are spreading the malicious application on Facebook so they can gain personal information, which they can use or sell for criminal activities.


Candy Crush malware

Hackers on the internet are targeting Candy Crush Saga players with a scheme that will only be profitable for the hacker. Candy Crush Saga players are often challenged by difficult levels which are hard to beat. Candy Crush Saga helps these players by giving them the chance to buy premium content which allows them to beat the level. Hackers have published a tool which acts like an trainer for the Candy Crush Saga game.


Fake Facebook ‘Paper’ app on Google Play store

Are you an Android user and do you wish to download the Facebook paper application? Well we have found a developer on Google Play that has developed a application that works just like the iPhone Facebook paper app. Well, that should be expected right?


Who watched your profile

Facebook is a network that has millions of people on it and a lot of these people want to know who is watching their profile. This will help them identify people that should not be able to look at their profile for example or they can use this information to hook up with someone but the reality is still that Facebook has not yet published an application that makes it possible to give you a insight on who has watched your profile.


Evil baby attack

Hackers on Facebook are trying the ‘Devil Baby Attack’ video to trick users to install malware on their computer or Facebook account. The users are tricked by a big picture which shows a devilish baby.



The hunt on exposing malicious applications on Facebook that are tricking users to share their personal information with criminals have led us to identify a list of malicious apps on Facebook. But now our quest has come to the application that creates these malicious applications. Yes, we found the Facebook viral script generator.

And there is more:

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  2. Diaboliczne dziecko atakuje: straszy niewinnych ludzi na ulicach

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  6. Verify age to watch video

  7. Facebook Team Award Lottery Promotion Agency

  8. ‘Tsunami’ Insurance Policy Scam

  9. Turkish users: I watched the video. Disgrace!

  10. Someone made a profile named ‘insert name’ and she uploaded some of your photos! is that you?

  11. Plane Crash over the bridge!

  12. [SHOCKING VIDEO] The truth behind Mcdonald’s food

  13. Justin Bieber killed a 7-year-old Boy HOAX

  14. [SHOCKING VIDEO] Another Shark attack in hawaii: Teen Surfer Attacked by Shark

  15. Utube-trends and Extreme videos are serving Facebook malware

  16. Facebook malware: Human Body parts found inside a crocodile

  17. Facebook malware: Baby Alien found by farmer in Mexico

  18. Facebook malware: After I saw this, I put down my phone and Didn’t pick it up for the rest of the day

  19. Facebook Malware: [FULL Video] Man Catches Wife in the acts of cheating and records it!

  20. Facebook Malware: [Sh??k?ng V?de?] Deαd Mermα?d D?s??νered ?n Fl?r?dα

  21. Facebook ma?lware: Giant Bat captured video

  22. Facebook virus: Vídeo de un parto natural en casa, emocionante!


  24. Facebook virus: [VIDEO] Que sucede si una lata de coca cola se encuentra con lava?

  25. Facebook virus: [VIDEO] El PEOR ACCIDENTE de moto del mundo

  26. VIDEO: [Impactante] Accidente en la montaña rusa que trató de ser ocultado

  27. Shocking video: A bus with 37 people inside burned Facebook malware

  28. Shocking video must watch: Dead Mouse in Coca Cola malware

  29. Shocking Cannibalism video: Man Eats a man on a train in China! Facebook Malware

  30. Shocking video: Meet thai girl who is half human half snake Facebook hoax

  31. Facebook malware: @OffVinDiesel died while filming a deadly scene

  32. Facebook hoax: Poor Girl Ended Up in The Emergency Room After This

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