Massive collection of 100.000+ public malware samples

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Get prepared to join a massive community which collects and investigates malware samples which are provided to the community.

Today the website achieved a massive record of 100.000 public malware samples in their database. is used by malware researchers to research and analyze sample malwares. Once you take a look at their massive collection of malware samples you will see that they use the following tags to identify their malware samples on the analysis page:

  • Timestamp
  • MD5
  • Filename
  • Filetype
  • Antivirus detection (52 anti-virus scanners)
malwr record 100k malware

malwr record 100k malware

The website also provides a submission environment which can be used to submit malware. If you want to use the submission form you will need to resolve a simple captcha question.

malwr submission

malwr submission

Once you take a look at a Malware sample you will be able to see the following details which is provided by the Malwr community:

  • file name
  • file size
  • file type
  • md5
  • sha1
  • sha256
  • sha512
  • crc32
  • ssdeep
  • yara
  • signatures
  • screenshots
  • hosts
  • domains
  • Additional malware information provided in the summary

So what is Malwr?

Malwr is a free malware analysis service and community launched in January 2011. You can submit files to it and receive the results of a complete dynamic analysis back.

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