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Malware Scam: General Rate Increase e-mail

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We have received an email which claims that we could have a “general rate increase” if we follow some actions which are provided in the e-mail.

The e-mail contains an attachment which is titled “”.

Malicious email

We have uploaded the attachment to the VirusTotal website and guess what, it contained malware.

SHA256: e2b2d125ccc83ce749c6e5bcba2e64c764f764afe35d13616c4d348a45c8bf3b

Please be aware for the “General Rate Increase” e-mail malware scam:

Good Afternoon,

Please find attached notice regarding carriers pre-filing for an additional General Rate Increase for effective date of April 9, 2015.  Please note, we are advising you of this filing in order to comply with FMC regulations.  However, we feel it is unlikely that the carriers will be successful in implementing this increase, especially since the March 9th GRI has already been postponed to March 17th.  We will continue to keep you updated as we receive additional information pertaining to these filed rate increases.

The VirusTotal website is an online virus scanner which will check the uploaded file with 54 malware scanners. You can view the result of the Virustotal scan in the picture below and via this link.

General Rate Increase e-mail scam
General Rate Increase e-mail scam
Share this with people that should know this: