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Malware Knowledge

In order to help security researchers further, we have created this malware knowledge page, here you will find tools, resources and malware information. The goal is to provide an environment which can be used as a starting point to gain more information about specific malware families.

All of the information that has been shared here, is provided by known security companies and security researchers. This means that you can use valuable information which in order can safe you investigation time.

We have listed papers, security tools, malware researches and public malware sandbox environments.

Malware Analysis

A lot of the cyber-attacks that take place make use of malware, so it is also important to have a malware knowledge base, here on Cyberwarzone we have crafted such a knowledge base. The malware knowledge base contains all types of information on various malware families, we also include research papers and sources for each malware family that we discuss in the malware analysis articles.

Emotet Trojan

The Emotet Trojan is a polymorphic banking Trojan which first was seen in 2014. The Trojan is known for its capabilities of performing spam campaigns and its powerful modules which allow it to steal credentials, read out emails and perform lateral movement on networks.

TrickBot Trojan

The Trickbot Trojan is a banking trojan that has a focus on infecting Windows operating systems. Trickbot was developed in 2016 and it is one of the recent banking Trojans which has been inspired by the Dyreza Banking Trojan. Trickbot is a persistent banking Trojan.


Phishing is a term which describes attacks which are performed on individuals that may hold information that is valuable to the attacker. The information that is often targeted consists but it is not limited to personally identifiable information, passwords and credit card details.