Malware in House of the Dragon downloads

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House of the Dragon downloads (torrent / streams) might contain malware. Fans are at high risk of malware infection by illegally downloading seasons of the popular HBO House of the Dragon series. The first episode of House of the Dragon (watch for free here) registered 20 million legal downloads views.

House of Dragons illegal downloads indexed on Google
25 million results for the “free version” of House of Dragons

House of the Dragon download, are some of the examples which cybercriminals use to host illegal House of the Dragon downloads. Anti-fraud and brand-abuse services hunt down sites which provide the House of the Dragon series illegally.

SeasonEpisodeDownload House of the Dragon Free
Example of how the names would look like of illegally available House of the Dragon downloads

House of the Dragon and the history of Game of Thrones malware

Cybercriminals abuse popular TV-shows for their reach. The criminals load illegal downloads with malware, and upload it to torrent and file sharing websites.

House of the Dragon; Dragon flying
House of the Dragon; Dragon flying

Unaware fans download the illegal House of the Dragon series with the malware, and once downloaded, the fan tries to watch it. The actions performed to make the House of the Dragon video to start, can be the needed sequence for the malware to start.

Top 10 malware disguised as a TV show by the share of users attacked in 2018 — Kaspersky

If the malware starts, the cybercriminal fully controls the compromised system. Fully in control, the cybercriminal is able to perform unwanted actions. These actions cause theft of personal information and data leakage. In corporate environments it could lead to ransomware attacks.

It was Kaspersky Labs which actually published a report on how cybercriminals use TV shows to spread malware.

Within two years we detected 33 types and 505 different families of threats hiding behind the Game of Thrones title


In the last few years ransomware has become a favorite attack method for cybercriminals. I expect that if there is going to be a next wave, the criminals will likely make use of ransomware or remote administration trojans.

Cyber criminals are familiair with the game of luring people. They take advantage of impatient House of the Dragon fans and fans which cannot afford a subscription. Motivated by money, the cybercriminals cause reputation damages and financial loss.

House of the Dragon scam sites

There are many sites that claim to have the House of the Dragon video. They say this to lure fans into endless monetized questionnaires and surveys. The fans desperately finish the surveys and end up with nothing.

Screenshot of the first HBO House of the Dragon episode

Typical scams used by scammers

  1. Download something to get the House of the Dragon download link
  2. Install something for access
  3. Register something
  4. SMS something for a small fee to get access
  5. Click something to enable the download for the House of the Dragon episode

Learn from our previous mistakes

The Kaspersky report speaks numbers, and it is important that internet users (we), learn from our past with Game of Thrones and other top TV shows.

The main lessons are:

  • Don’t download movies illegally
  • Go watch the movie at your friends place (be social)
  • Cybercriminals want your data
  • Cybercriminals will try anything (load malware into TV shows)
  • Don’t download movies at your work
  • Make use of anti-virus solutions
  • Make use of ad-blockers
  • Expect an increase with season openings and finals

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