[MALWARE ALERT] Be aware of the Razvy Razvan Facebook video it holds a virus

Be aware of the Razvy Razvan Facebook video which is currently being shared on the Facebook social media network. The Razvy Razvan video is a malicious link which will redirect unaware users to a malicious website. The malicious website will try to install packages which will allow the hacker to take over the webbrowser and computer. Allowing them to steal personal data, like pictures and credentials.

The Razvy Razvan Facebook malware is using a picture of a person which is wearing shorts and a shirt. The Razvy Razvan Facebook scam is using the Youtube template to trick unaware users with malware. Scams like the Razvy Razvan Facebook video are created in a very rapid rate. The hackers and scammers have builders which allow them to create thousands of scams within a limited time. Allowing them to infect millions of people with their malware.

The scams are often used as click-farming environments as they attract a lot of attention. Resulting in clicks and infections. Once the user clicks on the ‘play button’ they will be redirected to another page which will try to serve them malware. The victims are also demanded to share the malicious page on their Facebook timeline. If they do not do this, they will not be ‘allowed’ to watch the video.