Malicious Microsoft Office versions are in the wild

Thousands of people use various torrent websites and networks to download the applications that they wish to see on their computer for free, and one of the most downloaded application is the illegal Microsoft Office application which you can find on each torrent site.

The Office applications that are listed on the torrent sites are cracked Microsoft Office versions, which means that a lot of them do not ask for a Microsoft Office activation code, and some are cracked in such a way, that specific keys (which are provided in the downloads) can be used to gain “access” to the full Microsoft Office suites.

These cracked and illegal Office applications often contain malicious codes which allow the cybercriminal or hacked to gain control over the device which is running the illegal Microsoft Office application.

We strongly urge our readers to use a genuine Microsoft Office suite, but if you have choice, you should pick the LibreOffice suite, which is totally free!

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