Malicious e-mail: Quote from PermaTherm

We have received an malicious e-mail in our inbox which claims that we have requested an quote and that they have provided us an answer in the attached file.

This is just another e-mail scam which is trying to infect unaware users by sending them malicious attachments.

Quote from PermaTherm email

The Quote from PermaTherm malicious e-mail holds an attachment which is titled “”. We have uploaded the PermaTherm file to the VirusTotal website and it contained malware.

quote from permatherm
VirusTotal result

The SHA256 value: 1b8a0ee0ad1e9349ea8c6a20929759a1f22395a4d71f3e2c158f28edd99e0b28

The malicious e-mail looks like this:


Per your request, here is the quote from PermaTherm (please see attached). After your review of the quote please give me a call to discuss if you have any questions.

Please let me know if your project requires engineering services or shop drawings.  These services are not provided by Permatherm but we will be happy to provide a referral.

Thanks again for the opportunity to serve you,

Please stay aware and vigilant. Cybercriminals are trying various methods to infect unaware users.

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